Zulma Mena

Zulma Mena has been involved with KEEN LA since 2004.  At that time her son, Freddy, was four years old and was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome. This diagnoses prompted her search for a free program that offered a recreational and socializing environment. KEEN LA has benefited Freddy so much that it became part of the families’ routine to be there every session.  Zulma facilitates a Spanish Speaking support group for families with children with Autism at Lanterman’s Regional Center. Her group provides guidance and resources and helps families cope with having a child on the spectrum.  Zulma feels that having a child with special needs has given her so much knowledge and for this, she feels compelled to support others going through similar challenges.

Freddy now is 17, very independent, and is a Basketball coach for KEEN LA, in addition to being on his High School Varsity Basketball team. It has been a privilege to see him blossom to a fine young man. Thanks to KEEN LA and for all the support it gave him when he need it. Zulma was born and raised in Los Angeles, is married, has two children and has worked for the community college district since 1991. Currently she works for West Los Angeles College Athletics. She graduated from Chatsworth High School and L.A. Trade Tech where she studied Business Administration. In her spare time, she enjoys sports, going to basketball games, and community group outings. It is important for our kids to be included in our society.

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