Matthew Alvarez

Matthew is a Los Angeles native who grew up on the Westside.  After attending Loyola High School, he ventured back east and graduated from Boston College.  He worked for a few years after college in real estate before attending USC law.  Following law school, he moved to San Francisco and embarked on a career as a political and election lawyer.  He is currently a senior associate in the Los Angeles office of the Sutton Law Firm where he advises clients on an array of issues in the political and policy-making sphere, including campaign finance, ballot measures, voting rights, lobbying, and government ethics.  His clients range from trade associations to corporations to nonprofits to unions and everyone in between.  He also serves on the Board of the California Political Attorneys Association.
In his free time, Matthew enjoys playing sports, particularly basketball and football, going to concerts, spending time with friends and family, and he especially enjoys coaching KEEN basketball.  
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